Can you believe it's already November? Turkey talk is surely on its way, but Election Day is the next "holiday" on the calendar. Some businesses are celebrating by helping their employees get to the polls next week, my colleague Ellie Silverman reports. This morning we also have an important story out of West Philly about the ripple effect Penn Alexander has had on the community. It seems a well-known pattern of development is leaving little room left for low-income residents.

— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn,

Back in 2002, the Philadelphia School District and the University of Pennsylvania teamed up to open Penn Alexander, which has since been recognized as one of the best schools in the nation.

It's been a boon to the neighborhood but, over time, the community in the Penn Alexander catchment has lost much of its affordable housing units and home prices have tripled.

That means a pattern seen all over Philadephia is repeating once more: low-income residents are being forced out.

In social media ravings he posted before killing 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue last week, Robert Bowers reportedly expressed anger toward HIAS.

He repeated lies suggesting Jews were funding the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico toward the U.S.

Columnist Mike Newall recently spent time at the Jewish-founded refugee resettlement agency. He found them juggling the trauma of the shootings with their everyday work helping refugees that they say have "never felt so unwelcome."

La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael says Election Day is "the day you should be late to work." His coffee chain is part of a national nonpartisan effort to make sure employees have the flexibility to get to the polls.

And Nov. 6 is coming up quickly. That day Democrats will be looking for a "blue wave" and, if it arrives, reporter Jonathan Tamari says some of the first warning signs could arrive in Harrisburg or Erie County, Pa.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania and across the country, education has become a hot topic during state elections with school funding and teacher salaries at top of mind.

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