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» READ MORE: Judge rules in favor of Philly’s Sanctuary City status

A victory came through for supporters of Philly's "Sanctuary City" status Wednesday. A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction blocking the government from withholding federal law-enforcement funds from the city if it doesn't help them arrest immigrants without appropriate documents. 

Philly sued Attorney General Jeff Sessions in August to dispute the Trump administration's attempt to withhold funds. The funding restrictions hurt public safety, Philly officials said at the time.

Just two weeks ago the judge declared the city had substantially complied with the administration's conditions.

» READ MORE: Turkey Day’s a week away

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Whether you'll be in the kitchen all day or devising your shopping strategy, we're here to help.

If you're the host…check out this Haitian take on Thanksgiving classics and a Craig Laban-approved wine, or grab vegan dinners courtesy of Vedge at Whole Foods. Then get your kids out of the kitchen with pre-dinner ice skating.

If you're just eating…beforehand get your rear in gear by joining a local "Turkey Trot." Then, may we recommend this treatise on how Thanksgiving stuffing reflects class boundaries for dinner discussion?

If you're waiting for Black Friday…consider giving back on Thursday, too. If the stores are still calling your name, don't forget to look out for online discounts.

» READ MORE: Undercover Gangster: The Interrogation

At a long-awaited trial, a prosecutor believes she has enough evidence to convict Michael Lockhart—until he springs one last surprise. You can now read the fourth chapter in David Gambacorta's five-part true crime series "Undercover Gangster."

Catching up? Read the story so far:
Chapter 1: A detective has to untangle a shocking murder plot, while a key suspect is leading dual lives.
Chapter 2: Then, a hospital room visit helps him ID a gunman who feels compelled to take a deadly path.
Chapter 3: The detective closes in on a young man behind a violent mystery, but shocking news interrupts the chase.

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