Albert Henn, 70, a public-health official who was working on AIDS projects in Africa, has died in a plane crash.

Mr. Henn was one of 114 people killed when a Kenya Airways jet crashed in Cameroon on Saturday, his father-in-law said.

Mr. Henn and his wife, Kristan Schoultz, had lived in Africa for the last 20 years, working for health-care and international development agencies.

Mr. Henn directed the Kenya-based Liverpool VCT, which provides AIDS treatment and testing. Schoultz is resident coordinator for the United Nations Development Program in Botswana.

Most recently, the two resided apart in different countries but visited each other often, Schoultz's father, Ture Schoultz, told the Press-Register in Mobile, Ala.

Schoultz said the two took many posts over the last 20 years, furthering AIDS education and prevention, improving hospitals, and assisting with economic development. - AP