Ken Weatherwax, 59, who played the child character Pugsley on The Addams Family TV series in the 1960s, died of a heart attack at his home in Box Canyon, Calif., over the weekend, said Joey D. Vieira, his half-brother. Mr. Weatherwax's body was found Dec. 7.

Pugsley, the son of Gomez and Morticia, was a member of the family of macabre oddballs in the series, which aired on ABC from 1964 to 1966, with its familiar finger-snapping theme song.

Mr. Weatherwax stayed in show business after he grew up, although on the other side of the camera. He worked as a grip on the sets of several Hollywood productions, said Vieira, a former actor himself who played the character Porky in the original Lassie series.

Mr. Weatherwax retired a few years ago for medical reasons, Vieira said. - AP