ANYBODY hear that loud thump the other night?

It was the sound of the Phillies landing in the cellar, coupled with the sound of all those fans jumping off the bandwagon. But there are actually some good things about the Phillies playing the way they've been:

1. Season ticketholders have a tendency to give tickets away.

2. Insomniacs can put the game on TV, and zonk out.

3. Plenty of available general admission tickets.

4. Less traffic on I-95, Pattison - and great parking.

5. Not too late to change the odds on the bet we made on the season with that obnoxious Mets fan. (We all know one.)

6. We can revive the decades- old Phillies joke: "What has 18 legs and lives in the cellar?"

7. Also, thank MLB for breaking up the leagues into divisions, or we'd be in 16th place instead of fifth.

Take heart, Phillies fans. It's happened before. Let's enjoy the "comeback."

Frank Murphy, Somerton

Stand up to hip-hop

Black women should protest against hip-hop. It's degrading to our young black women, and there's no message in the music, only violence. All these so-called rap artists want is to get rich quick. But if you stop buying their DVDs and CDs, you can make a difference.

Stand up for yourselves.

Baxter Richardson, Philadelphia

Sen. Specter's location

In his letter "Explaining Sen. Specter's vote on military funding" (April 23), Scott Hoeflich, Specter's press secretary, said, "Sen. Specter is prepared to cross party lines."

The wind that often carries Specter to the other side, only to bring him back (almost instantly) to where he previously stood, is not news.

The bottom line is that Specter supports Bush's delusional "opportunity for success" when all is already lost. Too bad our senator is so reluctant in working for a better legacy of his own.

Monique Frugier, Ardmore