BOTH NEW JERSEY Gov. Corzine and Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell are guilty of reckless endangerment of their respective constituents while on a highway.

In the past, Rendell had an issue with being driven upward of 100 mph on the Pennsylvania Turnpike rushing to get somewhere.

And now Corzine is laid up in the hospital due to driving at excessive speeds on the Jersey Turnpike.

We all know the seat belt law, but the point I'd like to make is that both men have jeopardized others around them without any true regard to road rules and safety.

Both HAVE to know they are traveling way above the speed limit while being driven. Both are lucky that no one outside their own vehicle was injured during their "road racing."

People are asking why the trooper driving Gov. Corzine didn't mandate that he have his seat belt on. In the same vein, why didn't Corzine ask the trooper to obey the speed limit? Same for Rendell.

Why are public officials above the law? Aren't they supposed to lead by example?

George Reppert