RE CARMEN Upshur-Tucker's letter

"Imus & Hip-Hop: Two Sides of the Same Coin"


April 16


I definitely feel that rap artists have sold their souls to the dollar, at the expense of our youth. All the so-called gansta rappers sound like a bunch of immature, acid-mouthed idiots with nothing to say.

They have made it fashionable to not only disrespect black women, but black people in general with a very negative stereotype. They created the "pimp/ho/gangsta/drug-dealing" façade that just isn't our reality. I have always said that they should be more careful with their words, as our youth tend to act out their product.

What I don't like about this whole Imus/rapper debate is that everyone continues to urge black men to stop calling our women derogatory names, stop disrespecting them. But all black men don't do this.

Every mention of this Imus/rapper debate ends with this same message. Let's stop this negative reinforcement of a situation that is applicable to all black men.

If you are with a man who calls you these names repeatedly, then you've made a bad choice in the man you're with, not all black men.

I won't, don't and shouldn't have to defend myself against this shameful, cowardly act.

Darnell Perry Sr.