THE CITY IS AT a point where it's time to save only those who want to be saved!

The "stop-snitchin' " mentality is killing us, literally! (See the recent "60 Minutes" interview.) The police should take all of their officers deployed to West and North Philly to combat gun crime and regroup.

It's time to put the extra officers in areas that can and want to be saved - Mount Airy, Mayfair, Overbrook Park and East Falls, which have a chance to flourish, with help. They have people who want and respect police but have seen some recent declines.

In regard to Michael Nutter's "stop and frisk" plan:

The city is in a crisis, and your life should outweigh civil liberties. If you have nothing to hide, enjoy your brief meeting with police and thank them for keeping your streets safe.

John Brady, Philadelphia