WITH ALL that's happening in the world, not to mention our fair city, I don't understand why you deemed Alycia Lane and her e-mails newsworthy enough to put her picture on the front page.

The Inquirer was a bit more tasteful, putting an inch-wide banner across the top of the front page and placing the story at the top of the magazine section.

Oh, I get it: Pretty faces sell more papers.

Anne M. Ginsberg, Philadelphia

As a life-long resident of the city and an enormous supporter of the arts, I am appalled by the recent actions of the Philadelphia police force. The city has the highest murder rate in the country, and our tax money is being spent on arresting singers?

Rittenhouse Square is a place where artists and musicians have gathered for as long as I can remember to exchange ideas and express themselves in the appropriate manner. I ask the people in our local government, if this is really the kind of image we want as a city? I attended the rally and met the man arrested, and he was one of the most soft-spoken and kind young people I have met in years. Shame on the city of Philadelphia for employing this type of police officer.

Terry Walker, Philadelphia