JIM McGREEVEY disgraced his wife, his daughter, the state of New Jersey and the office of the governor.

Now he's going for the jugular - he's really messin' with God.

God loves James McGreevey, so much so that he sent his son to die in his place - so he could repent of his sins, accept Christ, and head for glory.

Scripture says God is not mocked. God is not a chump. He knows a man's heart. He knows deception when he sees it. I personally think God's comment on McGreevey's latest move would be, "I smell a rat."

Scripture also says clearly that homosexuality is a sin. Not a popular stance, but the truth seldom is these days. Both McGreevey and the Episcopal Church apparently have ignored Scripture. God is patient, but he is also just, and sin has consequences, for all of us.

Let's get real. Having lost the chance to run for president, McGreevey, in some odd way, has found another place to hide and rise in "power."

Instead of realizing that he has let his lust for sex and power take over, he is headed for full-fledged destruction.

The whole thing gives me the creeps.

Please pray for him.

Sharon TenHagen


Bush's number

The president mistakenly told the queen that she helped us celebrate our bicentennial in 1796. But his flub was not a simple matter of transposing the numbers. That figure stuck with him because his approval rating, up from a previous poll, showed that 1,796 Americans approved of his performance.

Jim Acton


Runnin' great

Congratulations to Jim Marino, his staff and all the volunteers on another successful Broad Street Run.

It just gets better and better. Great job, gang!

"ND Harvey" Sumner