AS A LIFELONG Philadelphian and longtime

Daily News

reader, I respectfully request that you reconsider wasting your front page and newsprint on Jim McGreevey, Alycia Lane and other local and national nonentities.

We essentially elect a new mayor in less than a week. Murder is on the rise. Casinos are a major issue. The future of the waterfront remains up in the air. We also have countless citizens working or volunteering to make Philly a better place, any one of whom is a better front-page subject.

My daughter's school, Meredith Elementary, is about to lose an incredible teacher, Danielle Slaughter, due to budget cuts. She is hardworking, great with kids and an amazing educator, an incredible asset to this school. She deserves a front-page story. So do many cops, health-care professionals, clergy, etc.

Philadelphia needs a newspaper that covers the vital issues of the day, and you shirked your responsibilities in making McGreevey the top story of the day.

Michael A. Ginsberg, Philadelphia

Why are people more focused on what they don't like about ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey?

So what if the first openly gay governor wants to become a Episcopal priest? That does not mean he will sexually assault minors. Generalizations always make people not see the whole person. McGreevey as a gay man knows he is outside mainstream America, but it is usually people who are the outcasts who seem to be more tolerant, as the life of Jesus proved to the faithful.

Stuart M. Burgh Jr., Philadelphia

I jury duty

I very much enjoyed your recent article on jury duty. As a matter of fact, I am to report on May 18. I really like being called although I wish I would actually get to serve on a panel (never made it that far over many years).

The reasons I like jury duty: I'm not at work, it's extremely interesting and informative, and you get to meet people from all walks of life. If more people would look at jury duty this way, maybe more would not try to get out of it. Wish I was called to serve on Juror Appreciation Day.

Kate McShane, Philadelphia

Too much on Barbaro

Marines and soldiers are being killed in Iraq, but what's the special on TV? "Barbaro, a Nation's Horse."

You're killing me! He was just a horse. He didn't jump on a hand grenade and save five marines - he broke his leg. Also, I've had enough of Dannielynn and Anna Nicole Smith.

Mike Ingram, Philadelphia