DEAR MR. AND Mrs. Taxpayer:

I'm writing to enlighten you about why the state of our community and the ills sickening it (violence, overcrowded prisons, high taxes, unemployment, etc.) seem to have no cure.

Everybody is looking in the wrong place for answers. The only people with effective solutions to the problem are those who cause the problem.

For example, if a car has a bad alternator (crime), why change the battery-cable connectors (police commissioner), or even the voltage regulator (the mayor)? Until you deal with the cause of the problem directly, you'll be replacing batteries (quick fixes to the problem) as quick as they die.

Going around the problem is costly and ineffective.

Every time I pick up a Daily News, I see people crying for a solution to the violence.

Well, here's your chance! I'm inviting those who really care (not politicians running for office, not some new community group out to gain recognition) about bringing "Brotherly Love" back to this great city of ours to engage me on this issue.

I can be contacted by mail at:

Dante Overby

Graterford (Pa.) State Prison 19426

Support bill on school funding

City Councilman Wilson Goode has proposed a bill to increase the city's funding to the School District by $28 million.

That amount is great for starters. But Mayor Street has vowed to veto the bill. Thank you, Mr. Lame Duck Mayor.

I hope that all Philadelphians will be able to see before the May 15 primary who on Council is really for the education of our children by voting for the bill and then voting to override the anticipated veto.

Mayer Krain, Philadelphia

Middle-class lament

Re Dianne Madison's recent letter on the neglected middle class:

I couldn't have said it better myself!

I go to work every day and find it difficult to keep up with the bills, especially PGW!

I have people in my area who live off the system, don't worry about when they have to get up in the morning, or about paying their bills because of the assistance (our taxes) they're receiving, don't worry about having to rush home and take care of the family.

They have four or five kids who are out all night making so much noise that the people who do work can't get any sleep. They sell drugs out of some Section 8 homes that are dirty inside and out, music playing loud all night and they just have a total disrespect for people living around them.

None of the mayoral candidates are going to do anything for the "no-longer" middle class.

We aren't rich enough to be noticed and aren't poor enough to be felt sorry for. We will always be in limbo! We will soon be endorsing our paychecks to PGW!

Christine Kremis, Philadelphia


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