Bob Brady

Northern Liberties is experiencing a renaissance . . . with bars and restaurants lining up to open their doors there. Roxborough and Manayunk boast one of the best shopping districts. . . . Fishtown is one of the great American neighborhoods, lined with rowhouses just waiting to become any young couple's first new home. . . . Philadelphia's historic attractions, coupled with our vibrant arts and cultural events, attract people from all over the East Coast and ensure that you will never have a problem planning a Friday night.

Dwight Evans

We are home to an incredible collection of colleges and universities. . . . We are the health-care capital of the world, with an unparalleled grouping of regional hospitals, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. And Philadelphia's human capital, transportation and locational resources combine to offer limitless potential for growth. . . . Philadelphia has a thriving cultural community, a world-class park infrastructure, and more quality educational choices and options than ever. . . . You can be confident that your opportunities will be boundless in a city with the spirit, heart and resources of Philadelphia.

Chaka Fattah

Our riverfront is a stone's throw from five-star restaurants and high-end shopping. Our halls offer concerts ranging from neo-soul to classical. We have brand-new stadiums, world-renowned universities, and businesses anxious to hire highly qualified people like you. The most valuable asset we have is our people. The same Philadelphians who gave you directions when you were lost, or told you where to find the best cheesesteak. They - and you - are what make Philadelphia great. The lifeblood of Philadelphia is not its buildings. It's you. For Philadelphia to go from being America's birthplace to the place where the great American city will be reborn, we need your optimism and ingenuity.

Tom Knox

Philadelphia can have a bright future. New developments are bringing jobs and fueling the economy. New residents are bringing energy and revitalizing our neighborhoods. We're continually lowering the tax burden. We have treasures such as the Franklin Institute and the National Constitution Center. We have nightlife as vibrant as any city in America. We lead the way on many "green" initiatives.

Philadelphia is a great place to live, work and play. It can be even greater if it has an active and visionary city government. . . . Stick around to see just how great Philadelphia can become.

Michael Nutter

By all means, you should stay in Philadelphia. In time, you will love the city as much as I do. It has the best assets of any city in the world - but at an affordable level.

If you stay in Philadelphia, you have the chance to be part of a historical change in this city. You will have a chance to join with other Philadelphians who want to change the way we do business in this city and raise the level of what we expect from our elected leaders. In the May 15 primary . . . voters have the chance to vote for change, to end the pay-to-play corruption of our past, and to bring new, fresh leadership into City Hall.

Stay and make history.