RE STU BYKOFSKY'S recent column on the terror threat at home and the Fort Dix Six:

You are absolutely right on with your comments. I live in Cherry Hill, not too far from these "kids" who were educated at "my high school," with "my tax money," given freedom and the best - and they are still inspired by Uncle Benny's evil forces. (Uncle Benny being Osama, as some are now calling him.) All my neighbors in Cherry Hill paid the bill for these guys and their families, and we are all paying for illegal immigrants. What part of "illegal" don't people get?

Some neighbors of these terrorists and their families say such nice things about them that it sickens me. Others say blandly that this is expected and nod off with their heads in the sand.

I'm a Navy Seabee vet, Vietnam era, and all this hurts greatly. Like others, I have trouble paying my mortgage and taxes, plus high medical coverage costs. But illegals just want all that just handed over to them. Where are our leaders?

Now churches want to open their doors to these "poor" illegals and the ACLU supports them and their rights. This is nearing a boiling point.

America sleeps on and will probably only wake up on a day that will hurt.

Stu, keep up the pressure on your call to "Wake Up, America!"

Joseph F. Luste

Cherry Hill, N.J.