RE JOHN Smallwood's column about Barry Bonds:

Everyone and their mamas are using the steroid issue to trash one person - Barry Bonds. Even though no one knows how many players were on the juice, you all trash one man.

Who's to say that every pitcher Barry faced wasn't juiced up? Would it still be cheating if he hit those home runs off juiced pitchers?

Both pitcher and batter using steroids would make the batter's steroid use irrelevant, wouldn't it?

The investigation into Barry's steroid use bothers me on so many levels.

First, Barry never tested positive for steroids.

Two, Barry is just one of possibly hundreds of players who may have used steroids.

And three, there isn't the same intensity to find other players who may have juiced up as there is against Barry.

Why is everyone after Barry and only Barry? It makes no sense and there is no excuse for it. People don't like Barry Bonds, so the powers that be assume it's OK to trash Barry for what hundreds of players have done over the years.

Whether Barry Bonds used steroids is a legal matter - and in legal matters it's not important if the subject is likable or not. Barry is being singled out, and I cannot figure out why.

Michael B. Harmon