WHEN WILL THE media and our elected officials stop sounding like PR reps for Big Oil?

First it was the Gulf War that made prices jump, then Katrina, then the shortage due to refinery failure. And we can't forget the necessary shortage while the oil companies changed from the "winter mix" to the "summer mix." Did anybody notice that prices changed while the oil was still in the tanks?

I passed one station at about 10 a.m., and the price was $2.89. When I passed that same station two hours later, gas was $2.91 a gallon. How can you justify raising the price for gas you already paid for and not call it gouging?

How come prices were raised hourly when the price of a barrel of oil went up, but it took weeks for prices to drop when it went down? The only answer that makes sense is corporate greed.

We the people have no one to turn to for help because the people who should be watching out for us, the media and the government spout the same garbage the the oil companies: It's the Arabs, it's the weather, it's the equipment.

If it was really any of those reasons, how do you explain the exceptional profits these companies are reporting? Please, someone, stand up for the people.

David K. Adams, Feasterville