AS A LONG-TIME resident and voter in the 8th Council District, I would like to thank the three challengers who ran against Donna Reed-Miller for almost certainly having ensured her re-election.

A large majority of voters in the 8th District have long been dissatisfied by her representation, but have had to endure additional terms because of the thoughtlessness of her opponents. She has managed over and over to hang onto the seat with far less than 50 percent of the vote because her opponents line up like lemmings with delusions of grandeur (and expanded egos), believing they will be "the one" to overcome the odds and defeat her.

Each election, we watch the same scenario unfold, with these geniuses continually splintering the majority opposition vote, thus allowing her to escape defeat and continue her uninspired leadership of this proud and diverse Council district.

When will you people get a clue? More than one (or at most two) candidate(s) versus the incumbent means the incumbent automatically wins.

The 8th District has endured a number of years of bad leadership, and thanks to Ms. Bass and Messrs. Acklesberg and Paulmier (whom I personally believe has run and lost too many times already), we will now be enduring another four years of the same.

C. Leon Richardson