What's good out there? What have you read, heard or seen in the last month that really moved or informed you? Books, stories, movies, articles, TV, music, etc.? Send us your suggestions!

(See "To Reach Currents," E3. If e-mailing, put "Things We Like" in the subject field.)

Article/essay/speech: "A Telephonic Conversation,"

by Mark Twain (http://www.classicshorts.


html), a hilarious early account of the medium's beginnings.

Short story: "The Golden Honeymoon," by Ring Lardner (http://go.philly.com/lardner). A tale of two competitive vacationer-couples in Florida.

Book, nonfiction: "Twenty-Eight Artists and Two Saints," by Joan Acocella. Beautiful and powerful.

Helen Mallon


Book, fiction: "Sound of Mind," by Jim Waltzer: It's a Hitchcockesque thriller that is both beautifully written and spellbinding.

Eric Siegel

Bryn Mawr

Web site/Video game:

"DNA Today" (http://www.dnalc.org/ddnalc/dna_today), a podcast by scientists at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory recounting daily advances in genetics research.

Movie: "Away From Her" (http://www.caprifilms.com/

awayfromher), Sarah Polley's study of Alzheimer's, based on a story by Alice Munro.

TV: "On Stage at Curtis," on WHYY Arts (http://go.philly.com/curtis). Great music, performed with greatness - a reminder of the treasure of Curtis.

Radio: "Creatively Speaking!" (http://go.philly.com/

creatively), Jim Cotter's arts magazine at 11 a.m. Saturdays on WRTI-FM (91.1).

Poem: "[I Step Outside Myself]," by Ingeborg Bachmann, translated by Peter Filkins (http://go.philly. com/bachmann). She's a fine poet.

Song/album/musical/opera: "The Light in the Piazza," by Adam Guettel and Craig Lucas, now on a national tour (http://go.philly.com/piazza). A musical that is simply better.

Paintings: The prehistoric artworks at the caves of Lascaux, estimated to have been done between 13,000 and 25,000 years ago. A tremendous Web site, with virtual tour, by the French government: http://go.philly.com/lascaux.

Quotation/saying/aphorism: "Art doesn't start out hallowed. It starts personal. An emergency."- Joan Acocella