Most citizens in this city, state, country and the world fall into the category of the silent majority, including this writer.

We have strong opinions about most issues concerning us today, but we remain silent. We spend all of our time basically scratching out a meager existence like chickens in a barnyard.

But if we are ever to soar like eagles, we are going to have to pick our heads up and start trying to make a difference.

In the recent firing of a popular radio personality, we find a valuable key: the threat alone that "we" might stop using products with brand names advertised on that show was enough to make a difference in what was to be tolerated on that show. Just the threat!

If "we" use that same format concerning other issues, what might "we" be able to accomplish in the areas of violent television, violent movies, violent video games, even gun control!

If "we" or "you" start letting the sponsors of such material know that you are sick of it, and you are going to express your displeasure with your hard-earned dollars and stop using their products, the result will be swift and permanent!

You the reader have enormous power at your fingertips - your money! Someone once said that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent.

Anthony R. Todd Sr.