IFOUND it interesting that John Bruhns' op-ed was titled

"The anti-war phonies,"

considering that he served honorably in Iraq during the earliest stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom, then opposed the war immediately upon redeployment ("aligned" with high-profile lobbying groups).

It is naive to believe that you can fully support the troops without supporting the war effort, as our troops are the greatest resource of this campaign. As one who has served multiple tours in Iraq, I wouldn't dream of using this editorial page to discredit the war (in effect, saying that regardless of how well soldiers are performing their specific mission, it is ideologically wrong and illegal). What message would that send to soldiers who just want to read their hometown newspaper?

Staff Sgt. Kevin M. Kenny

NCO Academy, Fort Sill, Okla.

John Bruhns lays the problem with Congress at the feet of the Democrats. Yes, they did get into office with the promise of bringing an end to the war, but it is still the Republicans who are the problem. Even if every Democrat voted to end the war, there would still not be enough votes to override a presidential veto, even though they are in the majority. Maybe after the next election, Democrats will gain enough to make a difference.

Randolph Husava, Philadelphia

John Bruhns is not alone to have been deceived by the so-called "anti-war" politicians and their promises.

If Congress were serious in bringing our troops home and ending the war, it would bring articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney rather than sending Bush $50 billion for combat operations on the condition that he begins withdrawing troops from Iraq. Here we are four years later mourning close to 4,000 of our troops while hundreds of thousand of Iraqis lost their lives.

Monique Frugier, Ardmore

Legislature wrong on guns

Although I support Second Amendment rights, and am a former National Rifle Association member, the decision by state lawmakers to disregard Gov. Rendell and not allow Philadelphia to enact its own handgun laws is narrow-minded. We're talking handguns, not hunting weapons. The proposal to limit handgun sales to one a month will take the profit motive away from the straw purchasers.

And anyone who does not immediately report a lost or stolen handgun should be treated with no more courtesy than a hit-and-run driver.

Robert E. Durbin, Philadelphia

Eagles Rx

The Eagles need a truly great quarterback who can stay healthy beyond November and take them to the promised land. A Joe Montana, not a Hannah Montana.

Jim Acton, Collegeville