Right before Thanksgiving, we asked readers what they were thankful for. The responses:

S INCE the side-effects of my lung cancer caused me to lose a large part of my short-term memory, I'm thankful for the person who's been my . . . full-time cook, the reminder of what my life was like a few years ago, marking the calender for things to do, my chauffeur, and on and on.

There aren't enough T-H-A-N-K-S in "giving thanks" for what she has done and does each and every day for me.

She is not a stranger - but my wife of 50-plus years!

Tom Woodruff, Oreland

The best Mom & Dad

I am so grateful to my wonderful parents, George and Margaret Livingston. They loved, sheltered, nurtured and taught me to be my own person. Even when I was a child and spoke my mind with a fierce determination, they always supported me, no matter what.

Even when I was wrong, I was allowed to have my say. I am a certain age and, as a female, I was never, ever told to "act a certain way." It was always "be who you are." I always had strong opinions, and my dad would sit me down and talk to me. Of course, I didn't know then that he was supporting the person I was by asking questions and listening to my answers. The most important thing any parent can give a child is respect. And I'm happy that I was highly respected by both parents.

My dad cooked daily and my mom cooked only on Thanksgiving. So, each Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for the parents I had - and I miss Mom's homemade rolls. These wonderful memories will sustain me throughout my life. Wonderful, thankful, grateful memories of the best parents anyone could ever have.

Ajay Jones, Philadelphia

A sister's helping hand

I want to truly thank my sister Sadiyah Rollins for all that she has done involving the welfare of my daughter Maklah. She has done a remarkable job and will continue to care for her with the upmost respect. It shows in the well-being of Maklah.

What a job well done.

If it wasn't for some angel from paradise shining on Sadiyah, my daughter would be in the foster-care system. So it's a blessing for Maklah Jayme Alexander to be in the care of the loving and caring Sadiyah Rollins.

I also have some helping angels to thank along the way. Ta, Basil, Brenda and Bern, along with IZZ and can't forget Bilal. They all shared in the helping duties. I just want to say thanks for the help, you guys are the best. Concerned dad,

James Alexander, Morristown, Pa.

The Holy Family

I cannot possibly give adequate thanks to our most blessed, sacred Holy Family. Though I've been exceedingly fortunate in my life, I've suffered some near fatal episodes.

Two pulmonary embolisms in two days, a stroke, but though I'll have nerve damage forever in my legs, I survived. I came through because a much higher omnipotent, omniscient and compassionate loving divinity saw to it.

Give thanks? Indubitably. In perpetuity.

M. Anthony Vare, Philadelphia

Thanks for our home

Thank you for allowing me to write this thank you about someone who has been extremely kind to me and my family. Her name is Carolyn Ross, and she is one of the most compassionate, kind and caring human beings that I have the privilege of knowing.

I am a single mother of two sons and recently bought a new home. I did not have enough money for the down payment and was driving myself crazy trying to figure out where to get the balance of the money.

Mrs. Carolyn Ross offered her assistance without any questions asked. I believe her thinking is "Pay it forward." By this I mean she was treated kindly by someone and wanted to return the favor. What I couldn't believe was that she chose, as she could have chosen anyone she wanted to, but she chose ME!

I am forever grateful to Mrs. Ross for her assistance, and I feel without it, I would not own my home! And she also offers me good, sound advice in any area of my life that I may need it.

I just want her to know how much I love and appreciate her, and every day I try to think of a way to "pay it forward" just like she did for me!

Thank you, Mrs. Carolyn Ross and the Philadelphia Daily News for allowing me to share!

Jacqueline Davis, Philadelphia

The Boss

I give thanks to Bruce Springsteen, the famous New Jersey musician, who gives his all and then some at his live shows. I was fortunate enough to see the Boss perform on Nov. 12 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

I also give thanks to my sister, Maryann Bugbee of Glen Rock, Pa., who also took in the concert.

Thanks again, Bruce!

Matt Engel, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Troops' benefactor

During Havertown Day, I was strolling around checking out the vendors. I came along one stand that Havertown native Joseph Natale was operating.

He asked me if I wanted to take a chance to help out the veterans. I myself a veteran surely took a chance.

Joe told me the proceeds go toward packages for our troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I told him my nephew Joey is stationed in Iraq. He asked me for his name and address and said he would send out a package that weekend.

The package arrived in Baghdad in a couple of weeks. Joey e-mailed me to tell me about the contents of the package, it was everything from A to Z.

Joey and his troops share everything - the contents went in a makeshift bin and the soldiers pick out what they need. To top it off, my nephew will receive a package from Joe every four months.

He packs them, wraps them and ships them himself.

When Joe ships out a package to one of our soldiers, he e-mails the group and shows the thank you he gets from the troops - a lot of which are photos of the soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Many e-mails have poured in, marking the fact that Joe has taken care of a lot of troops.

He is a guardian angel, and godsend for our troops, a true warrior for our troops. As a veteran, I personally would like to give Joe the highest honor a soldier can give to someone and that is a salute.

I SALUTE you, Joe. Many thanks from the troops and veterans that you've helped.

George J. Walton, Upper Darby