BRAVO, Stu, on Chinese imports! As a lifelong dog and cat owner, the tainted pet food did it for me. I e-mailed a couple of my favorite pet-food producers and told them that if they could show us that their products were made in the U.S. of U.S. ingredients, they'd have lots of loyal customers.

Here's another questionable product with a local connection. I needed canned mushrooms. Every can and jar that I looked at was labeled "Product of China," "Product of India" and, if I recall correctly, "Product of Indonesia." This was in a large supermarket chain. How can this be when Kennett Square, the self-proclaimed "Mushroom Capital of the World," is only a car ride away down Route 1?

I'm with you: If it says "Made in China," I try my utmost to avoid it. Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult.

Virginia Barishek, Philadelphia