A MR. DAVID Stein wrote a letter critical of my campaign. Anyone has a right to be critical, but everyone has a right to know the facts.

First, this is 2007, not 2003. The Democratic nominee wasn't John Street. It was Michael Nutter. I assume Mr. Stein knows the difference between the two. I assume he knows how the press felt about each candidate.

Second, Sam Katz was a great candidate and he registered as an independent so he could be in a position to run if the right Democrat won the primary election. He chose not to run. That should tell Mr. Stein something.

Third, the new campaign laws will make it even more difficult for a Republican candidate in the future. Candidates are forbidden to receive more than $2,500 from a contributor. If a millionaire runs, the limit is $5,000. Mr. Nutter didn't receive major campaign contributions until it was apparent that he could win.

What is the answer? People like Mr. Stein, who, God bless them, feel the Republican party should be stronger can do something other than write letters of complaint. They should start getting behind people they think will be good candidates and support them financially. And they should encourage their friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same.

Al Taubenberger

The Underdog Candidate for Mayor

I'm very disappointed in the election. We must have the dumbest voters in the country. They had the chance to get rid of half the deadbeats in City Council, but didn't. Most of them, anyway.

With the new mayor, we should have a new Council. There should be a term limit of eight years. By the way, voters can't read. Why vote "yes" for four ballot questions? Two and three should be "no," the advocates will be paid a fortune.

Wake up, voters, you are ruining the city, our beautiful city.

Jerry Foglia, Philadelphia