ONCE AGAIN, when Zionists are backed into a corner, as letter-writer Philip Weinstein is, they resort to name-calling and invective. Because they have no answer to the truth, they decide they will disparage the people who stand up for the rights of Palestinians and use the same worn-out tirades that all Zionists use.

Those of us who have been there and seen what Israel does to an occupied people, know that there are four times more Palestinians killed than Israelis since 2000. There are eight times more Palestinian children murdered than Israelis. Most of these children have been shot through the head or stomach by Israeli snipers.

Israel is busy starving the Palestinians of Gaza, a slow-motion genocide of the most evil kind. The world is so afraid of being called anti-Semitic that the other Semites, the Christian and Muslim Palestinians, are paying a heavy price for our silence.

There will never be peace in Palestine/Israel until Israel withdraws from all illegal settlements on the West Bank, lets the people of Gaza have real freedom by giving them control over their air, sea and land borders, allowing the return of the refugees from 1948 and 1967, and sharing Jerusalem. It's disgusting to see Jews-only roads, Jews-only schools, Jews-only settlements in what is and always was Palestine.

Until Israel becomes a secular democratic state for all of its people, there will be no peace. It's appalling that we Americans fund these war criminals.

Greta Berlin, Bar-sur-Loup, France