STUART Caesar and his ilk can't be excused for their refusal to see that some gun laws will help.

Why does anyone need more than 12 handguns a year? Some of those people could be selling them on the street or maybe planning a robbery, or terror attack, or maybe a school attack.

As a gun owner, I'm for gun laws. None of the laws proposed would have any negative effect on legitimate gun ownership or sales, but it just may hinder future gun crimes.

The Second Amendment refers to guns for a citizen militia, and not about gun ownership in general. The Supreme Court will soon be speaking about the interpretation of gun ownership.

Randolph Husava, Philadelphia

Vick, dogs & youths

Re the op-ed "Million-Dollar Doggies" by Mister Mann Frisby:

In answer to your question, why are they making Michael Vick drop a "cool million dollars" on these vicious dogs?

Well, those vicious dogs (that weren't born that way) will probably be euthanized because of Michael Vick.

I don't look through Kenneth Cole glasses like you do, so maybe you should pay toward the college tuitions and the computers for those in need.

I hope your cat Sandi D. still gives you the unconditional love that animals give, and you stay on the sidelines in your mink jacket, because that "cool million" wasn't enough.

Sandy Ward, Philadelphia

Electronic thievery

There is more "white-collar crime" in this country than ever before. Kirsch and Anderton are not the only ones robbing and cheating everyone.

The credit-card companies and the computer and the Internet make it so easy for those who want to "beat the system." The real Bonnie and Clyde could only rob banks with guns. They would have really cleaned up had they been around today!

Ed Galing, Hatboro