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, mall killer Robert Hawkins' step-parent/guardian Debora Maruca-Kovac told Omaha papers that the night before the slaughter, Hawkins and her sons showed her the semi-automatic used in the attack.

You'd think a woman who knows this kid spent time in a mental institution for threatening to kill people, would have reported this to police. Common sense, not gun laws, would've stopped this disaster. Instead, she's being paid to be on talk shows, instead of going to jail for not reporting a crime.

It's against "existing" laws for committed mental patients to own or possess firearms. No need for new laws, just enforce the ones we have.

Ronald Suarez, Philadelphia

Oddly 'non-political'

Mayor-elect Nutter's transition-team counsel says "none of them would strike you as members of the political class" ("Nutter selects leaders for his transition team," Nov. 29).

Maybe in some alternate universe a judge, a former deputy mayor and a mayoral campaign manager are new to the political arena, but this is still Philadelphia. And just how ethical is it for a member of the judicial branch (Common Pleas Judge Ida Chen) to serve in the executive branch as co-chairwoman of the transition team?

Looks like four more years of the same old Philly politics.

Carol Golden, Philadelphia

Once in love with Amy . . .

I recently saw the movie "Carrie" and noticed Amy Irving, although she wasn't the star.

I remember her from younger years, and I believe she owes the public two rock-and-roll movies and a rock-and-roll telemovie.

I believe Ms. Irving can do "Grease 2008," "Love Is Still Strange" and "The Janis Joplin Story."

It's up to you, Amy! Shoo-be-doo-wop-wha-aaaaaaaaaaa!

Tim Short

Bryn Mawr