THERE IS NO better way for a liberal Jew to burnish his or her liberal credentials than to knock Israel publicly.

It tells the world that you are open-minded enough to hate your own, which is what liberalism really is all about. So it's not surprising that we find an op-ed by Carol Towarnicky hailing the writings of Alice Rothchild ("Rx for Mideast Peace").

No, crazed Israelis don't kill and torture innocent Palestinians on their way to the mosque. There are roadblocks and security fences because there are Palestinian suicide bombers - remember them? If you don't, it's because the roadblocks and fences worked.

Since Rothchild is a doctor, maybe she could better explain why Arab suicide bombers add rat poison to their bombs. No, it's not to poison anyone - it contains a blood thinner that causes the injured victim to bleed to death. Or she might explain why the textbooks in Palestinian schools say things that would make Hitler blush. As the Israelis say, they live in a bad neighborhood.

The "Rx for peace" is not a chorus of "Kumbaya." It is as simple as the Palestinians' stopping the violence. But it won't happen because the Palestinians go to bed each night and wake up each morning praying that Israel will disappear.

Eva Gold, Philadelphia