WHEN I heard of the tragic manner of how Ebony Dorsey was killed, I was sick, disgusted and outraged. She didn't deserve to die that way because of the choices her mother made.

How could a mother allow her daughter to be in the presence of a crack-smoking poor excuse for a man? Also what about his wife and child? He threw them into this mess, too. Ebony had no choice here, she is the only true victim.

Her mother should suffer the same fate as alleged raping child molester because she delivered her daughter to death's door. I can't imagine the fear Ebony felt in the last minutes of her life, realizing no one would come to save her. Especially not her mother, who didn't even report her missing until the next day.

My condolences go out to to Ebony's father and the rest of the family.

Natisha Arnold, Philadelphia

Donovan now

Eagles management and Philly sportswriters keep letting the first six years of Donovan McNabb's career, the last one with the best receiver in football, cloud their vision of the present day McNabb. Go to the tapes and see his play in the last three years. Not the same player. Not even close.

The Eagles are a very good football team. They just need a decent quarterback. McNabb is not the answer. He looks like an elephant among antelopes.

Feeley isn't, either. He's too small for today's game. Maybe it's Kolb.

One thing is certain. Andy Reid should know this or it's time for him to go, too. We should all thank McNabb for those first six years and send him to Chicago, where he might survive two more years.

Mark Conte, Mary Esther, Fla.

Poor Edna

I've been following the story of Edna, the poor dog held for ransom only to be possibly tortured and killed while her owner had to endure the details via phone.

These individuals must be caught. Anyone who has been paying attention to our societal ills knows these individuals didn't get this way all by themselves. I am just a working person, but if the Daily News can set up a reward, I pledge $100 dollars.

Bonnie Nickle, West Chester

The Bonnie & Clyde saga

I'm tired of reading about "Bonnie & Clyde."

I'm not even going to name them as I consider them despicable. These two people were raised with the best of everything, yet they seemingly chose to lie, cheat, defraud and steal.

The judge who set such a low bail should be chastised. Isn't identity theft the number one crime today?

By the time they figure out all the charges, this will be old news, and they'll probably get minimal sentences. With no bail, maybe some measure of justice would've been served. The end result will be the parents' making restitution, and all will be forgiven.

Joe Hamilton, Philadelphia