I'VE LIVED in Philadelphia for 60 years, in fact, I was born here. My heart goes out to the men and women of our police force.

I saw good times in our beautiful city when Frank Rizzo was police commissioner and mayor. A man of true loyalty, commitment and dedication. May God rest his soul, for he was one of the greatest men in my eyes, and I am sure many others.

As far as Officer Cassidy, may his family find peace in their hearts and take one day at a time, for we all know he is in God's arms. Getting guns off the street is not a sure thing. We need our judges to put these criminals behind bars and our real need is to build prisons to put this trash away.

Good luck to our new commissioner. As for changing our police officers' uniforms, a step in the right direction would be to put officers in comfortable black athletic shoes, so they can run better - it might save some lives. May God bless the city of Philadelphia.

Patricia Kuchinsky