RE DANIEL A. Cirucci's recent op-ed,

"Toll-gobbling Gluttony":

Sometime in the 1950s, the loans to build the Ben Franklin bridge were paid off. The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) then successfully lobbied Congress for authorization to continue collecting the toll with the stipulation that the proceeds fund economic development along the river.

In my opinion, it is improper for the DRPA to be funding private business ventures, period.

The DRPA could collect tolls for another two years, put the money in interest-bearing accounts and have enough money to maintain the bridges in perpetuity. Obviously the DRPA could then end the toll altogether.

Mr. Cirucci, I will join you in the Movement to End All Tolls.

John H. Morley Jr.

GOP Candidate, Pa. Senate, 1st District

Common sense, not bias

To Anna Perng (letter, Nov. 29):

Nowhere in Stu Bykofsky's column about his refusal to buy Chinese products is there a hint of racial prejudice.

Why is Perng so incensed at Stu's rational call to avoid China's poisonous toys and toothpaste, deadly dog food? Should we risk our health for the glory of the "historically rich" Chinese "economic superpower"?

Dave Campbell, Croydon

The Pete Rose solution

Baseball should make an example of Barry Bonds they way they did to Pete Rose. Let his record stand, but don't put him in the Hall of Fame.

Walt Van Horn, Philadelphia

How to get ahead

Sometimes I think I understand the plight of the black community and sometimes I don't. You have one group that constantly cries for jobs and opportunities, and another that cries social injustice in the legal system, etc. While I agree to both facets, I disagree on the manner that each is achieved. Jobs and opportunities sometimes have to be earned.

Let me state that I'm not white. And I know I'm more likely to get arrested, more likely to be found guilty, and get a harsher sentence than a white person committing the same offense.

My solution? I don't commit the crime in the first place. I don't hang out with people who commit crimes, and I don't put myself in any situation where that would even be an issue. I don't even drive faster than 10 above the speed limit.

As for jobs and opportunities, I put myself in the best situation to get them. I finished school. I made sure not to produce any kids during high school. I took advantage of every scholarship program and type of aid available for college.

After that, it's just hard work and continue to learn and grow. Even today at 33, I'm taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement program at my company to earn my MBA.

Niko Chan, Philadelphia