IT SEEMS that letter-writer Greta Berlin (

"Crimes of the Zionists," Dec. 8

) has lost track of the facts.

The accusation of thousands of Palestinian children murdered by Israeli snipers is just ludicrous. Surely Mrs. Berlin, you're not refering to Mohammed al-Dura, whose "murder by Israeli soldiers" has been exposed as a fabrication (by the French media, no less).

I agree with you: Palestinians live in filth. But two summers ago, Israel completely withdrew, and the Palestinians have autonomy over Gaza - has anyone noticed that it's a hell on earth? They had elections - and chose Hamas, who have both Israeli and Palestinian blood on their hands.

Billions in foreign aid have been donated to the Palestinian cause over the years. Why wasn't this money used to support public works, education or simply improve life for Palestinians? Ask Suha Arafat (who's been living off of that money in France, no less). I, too, have been to Israel numerous times - Jews-only roads? Mrs. Berlin, there is simply no such thing!

Israel is the Middle East's only functioning democracy, in which Arab parties hold seats in the parliament. Israel is a beacon of freedom in the troubled region of the world. There will be peace when the rockets that rain on S'derot (300 in November alone) stop, and most important, when the Palestinians elect a real partner for negotiation who recognizes the right of a Jewish state to exist - on land that is, always was and always will be Jewish land.

Sam Greenberg, Philadelphia