I'D LIKE TO thank New Jersey politicians for helping to reduce the death rate in Philly for 2008 thanks to all who voted not to execute anyone anymore.

Housing murderers for life will be more costly than executing them. How do you justify this? Why not inject them, and when they pass on, let the family bury their deceased.

Once they're gone, you don't have to feed them, wash their uniforms, the computer in their cells can go off, the TV will go quiet, and you won't have to worry about their medical care.

So now all gun-toters can move over to Jersey and Pennsylvania crime rates will drop because the mentality will be "I'll get away with murder in N.J."

Ken Milgrom, Philadelphia

I finally found a reason that I like living in Philly - that nitwit Gov. Corzine is in New Jersey. By ending the death penalty, he's allowed the animal responsible for Megan's Law to live out his life at taxpayer expense. How come it's always the politicians and the morons on panels that make these stupid rulings, and not the voters who it will affect?

Lou Gerner, Philadelphia