TO ALL top aides, City Council members, state reps, the mayor (current and -elect) and Gov. Rendell:

Just a few questions.

Can you explain to us exactly how those guns confiscated in Philadelphia crimes end up in a secondary crime in Upper Darby again? I think we missed the answer the last go-round.

Commissioner Johnson, with respect to your officers, do they even try to wound or do they just assassinate people,because the FOP and Internal Affairs will always justify their use of excessive force?

Before you answer, think of the 87 shots fired at the man in South Philly and the 15-year-old shot for having an iron during an argument with his mother.

Can some one please explain why we need a Blackwell legacy in this city when clearly the position now held by a Blackwell was not earned but married into? And how does this legacy help the community and residents by which the bartering over naming rights is affecting? Jannie, can you comment?

No disrespect to the secretaries of the world, but going from secretary to councilwoman is quite a leap. I'm just wondering where the experience comes in between the typing and call-handling to actually be able to run a district. Please enlighten me.

With respect to the fuss over the Foxwoods and SugarHouse casinos, exactly what will the residents benefit from in all of this? Free comp tickets, chips? Please don't say employment - $7 an hour is not real employment for adults. Maybe kids, but not adults.

Last but not least:

With all the various agendas going on, can any of you actually do the jobs you were elected to do and actually make good on the campaign talk you did?

Can the residents/constituents/communities actually get things done efficiently, correctly, free of corruption and rhetoric by you or is that just too much to ask?

I'd really like to know, Philly,how about you?

James Brawner