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Letters: A higher standard for police

THE FACT is that police are held to a higher standard than the "monsters," "unwashed assassins" and other assorted scum that plague the streets of our fair city.

THE FACT is that police are held to a higher standard than the "monsters," "unwashed assassins" and other assorted scum that plague the streets of our fair city.

While it's understandable that emotions run high among the brave souls who protect the innocent, especially after saying goodbye to a fallen comrade, make no mistake that what the city and the country witnessed during the infamous incident where three potential suspects were dragged from their car and savagely beaten by some of the same people entrusted with the duty of upholding not only the law but also the moral and ethical standards of the Philadelphia Police Department, was nothing less than a criminal act.

William Harris, Philadelphia

In reading all the arguments about the alleged police beating, is everyone forgetting that three people had just been shot in front of two policemen?

What about their rights?

The argument goes on to say that there were no guns found on the three who were beaten. What about the guy who ran away?

That brings us to the Rev. Al Sharpton. He should first pay his taxes. And where was he when Sean Patrick Conroy was beaten to death in the subway by four black students? What about his rights? Or is it that white people's rights don't matter?

On a different note, I would like to add that in Kitty Caparella's story on the Muslim burial of Howard Cain by some family members where they reference the Catholic burial of mobsters, can anyone name a Catholic mobster who recently robbed a bank dressed as a nun and then shot a cop with an assault rifle in cold blood?

I didn't think so.

Alex Barto


I have mixed feelings like everyone else over the Fox video, but maybe those police officers felt that they were fighting for their lives.

What if the three perps had the gun from the shooting or something with more firepower in their possession?

The closer you get to the car window, the closer you are to possibly losing your life without a chance to defend yourself. Are you going to go in swinging or ask them politely to step out of the vehicle?

And the real clincher is . . . Al Sharpton showing up! He wanted to talk to the men being held. Did he stop by and talk to the families of the three recently slain officers while he was here?

Debbie Frommer, Philadelphia

Signe Wilkinson's May 12 cartoon was ridiculous and insulting. It's a sad joke to compare white Philadelphia police officers being murdered by black males to black males being roughed up by police.

Michael J. Rafferty, Philadelphia

If you see me shooting someone and have to chase me two miles, feel free to beat me up. If I have a gun and don't cooperate, feel free to put as many rounds in me as you need.

If you catch me buying drugs, don't listen me spew about my hard life and how it's my first time (at least getting caught), lock me up. While kicking in my teeth, make sure there's an officer from every race and religion to avoid a civil suit. Don't forget to mention I was once an altar boy many moons ago.

If my mom is on TV talking about how good a Christian or Buddhist I am, she's full of it. I take full responsibility for my actions and demand that you take steps to ensure that I'm not around to do it again - or no longer capable of doing it.

William Hunt