RE MICHELE Chmielowski's letter regarding her complaints about prohibited parking on Hartranft Street in Packer Park during sporting events:

We didn't move a half-mile from the stadiums. Packer Park was here long before the stadiums were ever built.

We didn't want them, and we fought hard with City Hall not to have them, but, as you can see, we didn't win. We have resident stickers for our area to keep out people like you who choose to go to a ballpark and want free parking.

That's why parking lots were provided, so sport fans could keep their cars away from our homes. Packer Park residents have endured despicable behavior from the thousands of people who roam through our neighborhoods during the games, urinating on our grass, breaking beer bottles in the streets, cursing, speeding up and down the streets with little regard for our children.

We take care of our homes and have private driveways and garages, and the parking spaces are for the residents, not the thousands of people who descend into our neighborhood on a daily basis. Thank God for the police protection and the stickers.

Since you mentioned parking in Manayunk, I'd like to remind you that this is a shopping and restaurant district. The businesses should provide parking just like the stadiums and malls do.

Maybe they should get their civic association, if they have one like we do, to provide stickers.

By the way, the police protection is paid for by the Phillies and Eagles and all the other teams - and not the taxpayers. Get your facts straight before you condemn us for wanting a peaceful neighborhood.

Fran Gallo