IWISH every mayor in this country would bar Al Sharpton from their city when there's controversy involving African-Americans and police.

As an African-American, let it be known he doesn't represent me or my views. Nor does Jesse Jackson. Both need a job.

Al Sharpton: Where are you when black-on-black crime is committed every day all over the country? Why aren't you flying all over hollering about that? And why aren't you making a big deal out of the victim's deaths or beating when it's at the hands of our own?

Why aren't you fighting for the little children who are abused, killed, molested and taken advantage of by their parents and perverts? Where were you when the three African-American males gunned down Sgt. Liczbinski here in Philly? His life isn't worth righting when black men killed him?

Where are you on issues of homeless people, jobless people, people without medical? You only pop out of your hole when there is an alleged crime against our people at the hands of law enforcement.

Yet you're never around to speak out on a daily basis as we eliminate our own race. You embarrass me. You are all about yourself and what you can get out of another person's tragedy or misfortune.

You could care less about the young men or their families who are now in the spotlight with this beating. You only come around when there is controversy. You are not a solution, you are a problem.

You want to "shut down New York" - yeah, how did that work for you? You talk too much. You spew nothing positive. I see nothing you've accomplished other than getting your name in the papers and be seen on TV. Why aren't you fighting like all hell to have New Orleans rebuilt?

If you want to help black people, start by talking to them. Go to them before the horse is let out of the pasture! Try stopping black-on-black crime!

What can you do about that?

Oh, and pay your taxes!

S.D. Shamburger, Chester