PATTY-PAT Kozlowski's op-ed on Sgt. Liczbinski was so very well written.

She expressed the sorrow felt not only by his family, the police and the entire community, but the care and concern of the people of Port Richmond.

Patty's writing shows neighbors are there for each other. I have lived in Port Richmond all my life (72 years) and can't think of moving out unless it's feet first - being carried out.

I'm sending this on behalf of many, many neighbors who do not have computers but want to let you know that they purchased the Daily News to read this article.

J.M. Kucinski, Philadelphia

Thanks for Patty-Pat's piece. I cried - or almost. Makes me proud to be an American and a Philadelphian.

I wish I lived at Almond and Schiller.

Henry Bean, New York, N.Y.

In defense of school lawyers

While I haven't worked directly with the general counsel of the school district ("Why are schools' lawyers paid so much?," May 19), I know many of the lawyers she supervises. My impression is that they, like many public servants (including teachers, as your article points out), do a highly professional job under demanding conditions not always found in the private sector.

Len Rieser


Education Law Center


Digital gun-control

A recent Signe Wilkinson cartoon treats reducing gun violence and bridging the digital divide as mutually exclusive efforts, and in the process misses the point of Wireless Philadelphia. The issue of gun violence is paramount for all in the city and stopping the flow of guns is essential to reducing it. Digital literacy can help end the cycle of violence.

Mike Lee, Philadelphia

Talking for the animals

To Ronnie Polaneczky:

I applaude State Rep. Thomas Caltagirone for his work on animal rights. Animals have feelings and hurt just like children. But they need humans to speak for them.

Jennifer Lisacek, Philadelphia