IN OCTOBER 2004, our son, John A. Craig Jr., was murdered on the unit block of S. Millick Street. He was 22.

For a while, our family posted fliers and wrote letters to the Westside Weekly, hoping someone would feel our pain and speak up. Mothers in Charge placed a billboard on the corner of 51st and Market that could be seen by Market-Frankford El passengers.

The billboard was up one month before it was replaced by a beer ad.

Now, in 2008, his murder is still unsolved. The original investigating officer is no longer on the case - no one knows who's handling it. After four years, our family is still in the dark about who murdered our son.

Three police officers have been murdered recently, and believe me, our hearts go out to their families. But their murderers were brought to justice in a matter of days. The city put out extra manpower to find Eric Floyd, charged with murdering Officer Stephen Liczbinski. Doesn't our family deserve the same treatment?

Or are there different rules for finding murderers of regular working people and those who murder cops? Does that mean our son's life was not as valuable or important?

Just as the families of those officers miss their loved one, so do we. Just as those officers families want justice for their lost, so do we.

Mayor Nutter, our family poses this question to you: What are you going to do about it? You promised us as voters that you would clean up the streets. The person who killed our son is still out there, probably killing someone else's child.

The Craig Family, Philadelphia

Don't forget Sgt. York

Larry Atkins' article about World War I was right on. However, his education in history is severely lacking. Not once does he mention the most decorated soldier of that war, Sgt. Alvin C. York. Brush up, pal!

Thomas Regan, Narberth