ENOUGH already about the couple your paper and Philly.com insist on calling "Bonnie and Clyde."

What is the fascination? Is it that they are white or young or educated or attractive or arrogant or stupid or self-centered? Is this stuff selling newspapers?

They're crooks and should get no more ink than the thousands of others reported on every day, and then fade into oblivion.

What they did was despicable - but enough, please!

Joseph A. Farrell, Philadelphia

Re Stu's column:

Bonnie and Clyde ought to get 10 years in a state prison - not some federal country club. She obviously learned nothing from her local crimes and being arrested if she took another credit card in California and went on yet another spending spree.

The older I get, the angrier and more conservative I get. Folks who knew me in college in the late '60s wouldn't recognize my views today.

It's past time that people start taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. The shootings, robberies, the crazy stuff that happens every day in just this area is insane.

As a country, where are we headed?

Buzz Griffin, Haddon Township, N.J.