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AS AN AVID Daily News reader, I look forward to the opinions of my fellow readers. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I'm saddened.


Daily News

reader, I look forward to the opinions of my fellow readers. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I'm saddened.

I once was in love with this city, now I simply love it. You know, like marriages that break up and the reason is "we love each other, but we're no longer IN love with each other."

That's how I feel, and it angers me. I want my city back. I am well aware that the state is considered one of the most racist in the U.S. Some would say the same about Philadelphia probably being one of the most racist cities in the state, yet I still hold out hope for Philly.

For example, when a police officer is killed, why is the entire department assigned to the case until the murderer is caught?

What about the other crimes happening during that time? And what about the three men who recently held up the bank and one of them killed Sgt. Liczbinski, and he in turn was also killed? So why are the two other men who were there to rob the bank but didn't kill the officer, being charged with his murder?

If this is supposedly fair and legal, then why did only some of the officers who were taped pulling three young men out of the car and beating and kicking them to a pulp get punished for that heinous crime?

From my understanding, depending on what you read and who you speak with, there were 13 to 17 officers involved in that.

Why weren't they all punished?

Our mayor and new police commissioner are a joke. I did give them the benefit of the doubt, but I can no longer do that. Has anyone really checked out our new commissioner?

As far as our new mayor goes, his name definitely fits.

Adrian C. Edwards-Syders, Philadelphia

Obama the Marxist?

Deborah Leavy misses the most important thing in her recent op-ed - it's not whether Obama is a Muslim or not, rather is he a Marxist.

In his memoirs, Obama admits that his first surrogate father/mentor during his Hawaiian childhood was the well-known island communist Frank Marshall Davis. He admits that at college he deliberately sought Marxist professors.

He threw his hat in the ring during a meeting in the living room of Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, his and Michelle's close pals. It's Deborah who needs to do significantly more homework to "know who he is." A good place to start would be Herb Denenberg's 25-part series on Obama at

By now, most people know that Trinity United Church is a Marxist-based, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-white, anti-Zionism establishment.

An Obama presidency will mean the most radical, leftist administration in U.S. history - Deborah either can't get that or is in favor of it.

Georgia B. Makiver, Lansdowne

How to handle space toilet

At least one of those rocket scientists aboard the International Space Station should know to jiggle the handle on that faulty toilet. You would think.

Jim Acton, Collegeville