AFTER GOING TO the newsstand on June 4, as until recently I did daily, I was shocked, incensed and appalled at the cover choice of the

Daily News.

I found the absence of a Barack Obama victory photo outrageous! This flew in the face of just how historic an occasion that night was.

The paper chose to lampoon Hillary Clinton rather than emblazon its cover with a photo of a man who reflects to the hilt everything the United States is supposed to represent.

You took a magical, wondrous and encouraging moment and turned it into so much rubble by choosing that cover.

You stole a moment from history. Now, in infamy, you have also stolen the opportunity of a people and their children to see, in your archives, the glory of possibilities proposed to us with Obama's victory.

This was not the shining moment for you. This was no more than an ignorant snub and I, for one, am going to be thinking about this before I purchase another Daily News.

John Roberts, Philadelphia