IN HIS LETTER of June 7, inmate George S. Bussinger complained he had to pay exaggerated prices for goods and services while incarcerated

(June 7)


Guess what buddy, you're being fed and housed. You also get medical care, which is more than what some honest, hard-working people get out here in the free world. You get all those benefits thanks to taxpayers.

If you don't want to pay $1 a minute for a phone call, then don't break the law.

Niko Chan


Depends on who tells the story

Daily News readers are at it again - making poorly thought out statements in defense of the police caught beating those three men. It's getting tiresome.

Some officers were fired because they kicked and hit already subdued suspects; that's a crime. Police aren't above the law.

People don't become criminals until they are charged with crimes. What charges were against them while they were being beaten?

Let me mention again that the police changed their story. Now they say there was no fourth man, who was supposed to be the shooter.

If the victims had changed their story, they'd be called liars. When the police do it, it's chalked up to "confusion."

Mark F. Walker


Barack should pick Hillary as VP

Sen. Barack Obama should display wisdom beyond his years and select Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Together, they can begin the difficult business of "Change We Can Believe In."

Anthony D. Johnson


T-shirt message

At last month's Police Survivors Benefit, I saw a T-shirt that read "DON'T BLAME THE POLICE" and underneath it, "WE DID NOT RAISE THEM."

The mother of 16-year-old Joshua Pagan should be ashamed of the record her son has at such a young age. But I bet it was never his fault any of the other times either.

Back in the day if you told your parents you were involved with the police they would beat you before anyone else had a chance.

Maybe more strict punishments at home instead of putting kids in time-out chairs would be better for today's children.

Donna Giulian


Not their color

The other two suspects in the killing of Sgt. Liczbinski are not being charged with murder because they are black - but because they were accomplices to a murder - the murder of a police officer.

Jennifer Lisacek