IWAS moved by the heartfelt letter of Angela Ferlaino to the mother of the 4-year-old who was murdered recently. I haven't been able to get this poor young mother out of my mind.

There is absolutely no way to know the pain of a mother whose child has been "stolen" from her, unless it has happened to you.

Please, Angela, pray that you never know that kind of utter desolation. It is like nothing you could ever imagine. You have a hole in your heart forever. And the sorrow is gut-wrenching.

My beloved son was stolen from me on Oct. 4, 2006. I say "stolen" because that's what happens. Our children aren't "lost," they are stolen from us by a horrid evil that lives in the hearts and minds of some human beings.

There is nothing else that would drive a human being to take the life of another. Those two young men need to be covered in prayer, too. I hope people realize that there are several victims here, not just one.

Who need guns to prove how tough they are - why don't we put the blame where it truly belongs? They are an open, festering, rotten wound on the soul of this country that will never heal until something is done about them.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, they call themselves the National Rifle Association! We'll continue to have a gun problem as long as we have people who are afraid of their own shadows.

No one in this nation is safe. No one!

Charlotte Mears, Philadelphia

Murdered in broad daylight

My fiancé was gunned down on July 15 in the afternoon in front of a block full of kids playing.

My Alfred was only 28, with his first baby on the way. He will never get to see her face! I'm a single mother of three, and one on the way. So I'm asking if someone can put up a reward so that a witness will come forward.

Since his death, it's been really hard because these killers are still walking the streets where I and my children live. I don't how I'm going to get the things I need for my unborn child because the baby's dad is gone forever. I don't have any family besides my children now.

Valerie Baxter, Philadelphia

Casino boomerang

Re Councilman Jim Kenney's recent letter about Frank DiCicco not getting any recognition for casino opposition.

How about giving him the recognition for bringing them here in the first place? Frank, Vince Fumo, Ed Rendell and Jim Kenney all fought to get them in the city. Then the transplants from North Jersey and New York said they didn't want them near their homes.

Now they want to change what they originally wanted because, as they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Mario Marchetti, Philadelphia

Same old distractions

Our country has problems to solve about war, jobs, the economy, infrastructure, climate change, health care and education.

Instead, we're again being distracted by gossip, innuendo, wedge issues, gotcha questions, gridlock and pit bulls with lipstick. Do we want to move forward or backward? We are going to have to live with the results, one way or the other.

Rev. David W. Long, West Chester