NO ONE WANTS to be Mayor Nutter right now.

Who would want to be faced - day in and day out - with the mounting pressures of a nation-wide recession? Who would want to run a city where tax revenues are plummeting and requests for aid are soaring? No one.

That's why I'm thankful that Michael Nutter is leading Philadelphia. His integrity and consistency in maintaining this city in a time of need is critical. With Philadelphia in such a precarious financial state, he is our best hope for resurrection because he has the courage to make difficult - and sometimes unpopular - decisions.

No doubt he will set the city on a course toward fiscal stability and challenge the notion that the city's problems are too difficult to solve. The result will eventually be a renewed sense of energy and optimism that we all felt when he was first elected mayor.

Philadelphians are deeply anguished about their future and the national economic collapse. But Mayor Nutter is moving quickly to impose control, coherence, transparency and fairness.

We know it's impossible to please everyone. And that there are other urgent problems. That's why the mayor needs the support of every Philadelphian. We're in this together. Join me in telling him that we're right beside him.

Lynne Honickman, Philadelphia