OVER THE LAST couple of weeks, bailout proposals have been nonstop, from the $700 billion bill passed by Congress for financial institutions and corporations to $25 billion for Citibank and another $25 billion for Detroit.

The economy needs all these players to keep this country moving, but at some point the requests have to reach the average person. It's reported that 11 million Americans are out of work.

Action is needed immediately, Barack Obama stated while naming his new economic team. Proposals to create new jobs from work on bridges, roads and schools bring jobs but most don't reach the hard-core unemployed in urban America.

We are calling on President-elect Obama and Congress to create a National Public Services Employment Bill that would create local public-service jobs that can help reach the hard-core unemployed who have been out of work for years as well as those who lack job skills. When individuals are working, crime drops and there's less strain on city government to solve all the problems of its citizens. And when people are working and able to pay their bills, mortgages and rent, foreclosures will begin to drop and people will spend more money in the local economy.

Funding for a jobs bill can come from troop reduction in Iraq, where we're spending a billion dollars a month. A billion dollars can create 30,000 jobs paying $30,000 to $40,000 a year. Also, Obama's proposed $500 billion stimulus program can help pay for the jobs bill.

Bilal Abdul Qayyum, President

Father's Day Rally Committee, Philadelphia

Fighting FIOS

City Council's first roadblock of Verizon FIOS has been set. The vote to allow FIOS has been "delayed" until late 2009. Frank Rizzo wants to know "what the rush is"? How about the fact that Philadelphians want some competition for our cable needs? I knew this would happen once FIOS tried to get into Comcastadelphia.

Keith Callan, Philadelphia

Less Obama hostility

To letter-writer Kenneth Carchidi:

What is wrong with you, sir? You are obsessed with slandering President-elect Obama.

You praise the outgoing president like he's been some saving grace. In case you haven't noticed, our well-being is being held together by a thread, and this has been under your guy's watch.

Grow up, sir, and accept that good change is here. If not, fly to Crawford and hang out with George and Laura at the ranch. Oh, by the way, Jan. 20 is when President Obama will start to keep us safe.

Hasheem Williams, Aldan