HOW DARE Keith Smith, director of Active Criminal Records at the Criminal Justice Center, demand the removal of a small American flag from a front desk computer! Shame on you.

When you stated you wanted the front counter looking clean and uniform, you insinuated that the American flag was dirty. And don't say it was taken out of context! How dare you disrespect our flag, our country and our military. Many have died for our flag, including my son. He died a horrible death for his flag and his country, and I detest anyone who treats it with disrespect.

I know you're new and probably want to make a good impression, but your predecessor, Joseph Lanzalotti, was more concerned with doing his job than an American flag on someone's computer.

Mr. Lanzalotti was a great boss, and I know this because I worked under him for many years and I don't think he would have nitpicked about an American flag. Mr. Smith, you need to think long and hard about the country you live in and its symbols and be thankful you live here, because you never know what the future will bring.

God bless America!

Carol Ann Myers-Phipps, Philadelphia

Casinos could bail out city

Amen to Harriet Brown for writing her thoughts (Letters, "Solution for a Nutty City")! Each day I read about the city's budget crisis and think if only the city had allowed the two casinos to build on the properties on Delaware Avenue two years ago, perhaps the city would be receiving revenue from the casinos such as Bensalem receives from Philadelphia Park!

That Foxwoods has agreed to move to 8th and Market streets, right in the heart of our historical city, is unbelievable. Right next door to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Constitution Center, Federal Court House, Chinatown, and just blocks away from City Hall, I am sure our forefathers are spinning in their graves.

Wake up, City Council, Mayor Nutter, Gov. Rendell; let the casinos build on the waterfront and start to bring revenue into the city treasury.

Pat Walder, Philadelphia

The pain of losing a pet

This past June I had to have my 13-year-old Labrador Cody put down. It was the single most painful experience that I have ever gone through in my 38 years on this planet.

I have lost both family and friends, but losing my "baby" hurt more than I could possibly put into words.

After reading about the Southwest Philadelphia man who allegedly drowned his lover's beloved Pomeranian dog, I truly doubt he knows just exactly what he did. I cannot condone killing a human being; it is done daily and at times for fun (live in Philly) but I can't fathom how anyone would want to do harm to a little puppy.

Just once, I would love to see the people who attack dogs punished in a more meaningful manner, which would ultimately end in their demise.

Terry Saskin, Bensalem

Warrior makes her weekend

Thank you for Weekend Warrior - it isn't Saturday without it. Fun, excellent read that is keepin' it real.

Shout out to Solomon: For you it is the gray back hair, just wait until the recruitment hits your eyebrows!

So there. So in your face.

Harriet Lessy, Philadelphia