THERE HAS BEEN a tremendous amount of speculative reports and subsequent conversation regarding the 2009 Mummers Parade and the financial hardships it faces. This is an event that is as much a part of the identity of the city as the Liberty Bell, cheesesteaks, Tastykake and our professional sports franchises.

Ah, the professional sports franchises, namely the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and 76ers. All the franchises have enjoyed unbridled support from the city, and in particular the 5,000 or so individuals involved in the Mummers Parade. Now I would not be so naive to suggest in these slowing global economic times that these sports franchises have unlimited funding to financially stake the parade. However, what I do suggest is for these teams to look at the potential they will reap for a simple group funding effort to stake the parade. Each team would see increased ticket sales, which increase concession purchases, increased merchandising and in the long haul, the investment in the Mummers Parade will supply the franchises a positive return on the investment.

William F. Jacovini III, Margate/South Philadelphia