VERIZON FiOS is being blocked by Frank Rizzo Jr. and Wilson Goode Jr. from coming into Philly. FiOS being voted in would bring in millions of dollars of revenue to the city since Verizon would have to pay a percentage of its profits to the city annually on top of a flat fee of at least $10 million.

When libraries and pools are scheduled to close and firehouses are losing equipment, what personal interest could Goode and Rizzo have in assisting Comcast in keeping Verizon and the millions in financial profit for Philadelphia locked out?

There were more Comcast lobbyists at the meeting than any other interested party.

Keith Callan, Philadelphia

When will the people at Verizon FiOS realize that you have to pay off at least six Council members before you can enter Comcastadelphia?

Wasn't Junior Rizzo's father one of the ones who dragged their feet in the '80s when cable TV first tried to enter Philadelphia? Maybe Guv. "Fast Eddie" is afraid he might lose his gig on Comcast Sportsnet.

Joe Miller, Philadelphia

On the gun control issue

We the American people have a right "to keep and bear arms." This right is protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution, just as the right to publish editorial comments is protected by the First Amendment.

Americans remain committed to the constitutional right to free speech even when their most powerful oracles have, at times, abused the First Amendment's inherent powers. Obviously, the American people believe no democracy can survive without a free voice. In the same light, the authors of the Bill of Rights knew that a democratic republic has a right - indeed a need - to keep and bear arms. Millions of American citizens just as adamantly believe the Second Amendment is crucial to the maintenance of the democratic process. Scholars agree in principle that the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to our concept of democracy.

Contrary to current anti-gun liberal evangelism, these gun owners are not bad people. They are hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.

Violent crime continues to rise in cities like New York and Washington, D.C., even after severe firearms-control statutes were rushed into place. Criminals have illegal ways of obtaining guns. Anti-gun laws - the waiting periods, background checks, handgun bans, et al - only harass those who obey them.

William Walters, Philadelphia

'Racial labels' revisited

I am responding to "The Meaning of Racial Labels" sent in by Tamika Ruffin on her response to my article "Just Askin' " in the Daily News.

First of all, Tamika, I am NOT upset because Barack Obama is half African heritage. I do not look at our president-elect as anything but American.

I just wanted to get my point across that he not only has African heritage, but also German, Irish and English. If you want to put color on this, then he is both black and white, making him a president for all the people.

You are so right. Both black and white people should throw away the "race card." This way, we can be all Americans no matter what your heritage. However, by wanting to be called African-Americans, that is labeling your race and that is so not the right direction we should be aiming for. When God looks at us, he does not see color, just that we are all his children, and that is what counts.

Tamika, thanks for your response. Be proud of your heritage whatever it may be, and may God bless.

Diane McDowell, Philadelphia