WHAT WE HAVE in City Hall is a disgrace. The mayor is cutting the throats of thousands of people!

He is disgracing the city and the people living in it! He is showing an attitude of ignorance and self-inflicted lack of common sense just to prove a point, that he is mayor!

We say, keep your Mummers prize money and put it where the sun don't shine!

Take that $300,000 and put it against the police bill, or use it for your 24/7 body guards! As you are the mayor, you can stand in the middle of Broad Street and tell the hundreds of thousands of people who came out to see our parade to go home!

The people of this city have put up for too long with City Hall! We have put up with ignorance, self-inflicted stupidity and imitation representation, brought on by a lack of leadership qualities.

Patrick Dio, Sr., Philadelphia