Daily News

endorses a politician or a political party at election time. I want to know why you cannot endorse the abolition of cell phones when driving. I see Pennsylvania does not have a cell-phone law. Why? Is it because it would interfere with your reporters doing their job?

I think the media does not want a law for cell-phone users who use them while driving. What the media is forgetting is that any person using a cell phone while driving is a suicidal killer. Auto accidents are caused by cell-phone driving. Most of these accidents are not reported unless you tell the law-enforcer that a cell phone was in use.

These cell-phone manufacturers must have a hell of a lobby group. They care more about making money than the safety of the public.

John Stuhr, Philadelphia


Again we sit back and watch Republicans try to destroy the unions in this country. Somehow Republican senators target the UAW for the Big 3 woes.

How can Republican senators demand UAW employees take a 20 percent pay cut when the average UAW employee makes about $58,000 a year. A U.S. senator makes $169,300.

I wonder how they would react if they had to match the 20 percent pay cut. Not favorably, I would say.

History tells a story of how the United States used to lead the world in manufacturing - at that time done by mostly union workers.

Today the manufacturing industry has gone to Third World countries with not much being done to save American jobs.

As a union sheet-metal worker, I see a union market that is shrinking every day. My union provided me with training, a decent wage, and health care. I am proud to be union and proud to be one of the remaining few of the middle class.

If we don't save all of the Big 3, the ripple effect will be catastrophic. Its not just the Big 3 we have to think of, its also the supplier companies that will be affected - more American workers and jobs.

Joseph Steglik, Philadelphia

Is city cutting other parades?

I can understand the city is in a money crisis thanks to John Street, but that's another debate. The Mummers Parade is a worldwide parade.

People from all over come to this city to spend New Year's here and spend money.

With this said, don't you think not having this parade would lose money for the city? So if the city wants to cut the Mummers are they going to cut Greek Weekend or the Puerto Rican Day Parade?

Those are days where every police officer in the city has to work and their scheduled days off are canceled.

Tommy Henry, Philadelphia

Give Connie her due

Re Tim Short:

I agree that Connie Stevens is "sweet and cuddly." However, she is also a very fine song stylist.

You inadvertently omitted that fact from your treatise.

M. Anthony Vare, Fox Chase